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We're on a mission to help people think and write powerfully.

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Lusia Zaitseva, PhD 
Founder & Faculty, IvyWrite

Preceptor, Harvard Writing Program 2018-2022

An award-winning writing instructor with over a decade of experience, I love to help students think and write clearly, no matter the discipline. I've been published in top academic journals such as PMLA, Comparative Literature, and Slavic Review. Yet, despite studying at two top universities (B.A., Columbia University; PhD, Harvard), it wasn't until I started teaching others to write that I realized how many of the fundamental principles of communication, be they written or verbal, are often left unsaid. All too often, students of all levels are left to figure it out on their own. I started IvyWrite to help others learn the 'easy' way what I had to learn the hard way, mostly on my own.

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Alexandra Gold, PhD
Faculty, IvyWrite
Head Preceptor, Harvard Writing Program

I am passionate about helping students hone their critical thinking and writing abilities. Over the past decade, I have taught and tutored students in writing composition at three universities (Drexel, Boston U, Harvard), including significant experience working with ESL learners. With a background in English Literature (B.A. and M.A., University of Pennsylvania; PhD, Boston University), I have published over half a dozen articles in academic journals like Genre, Contemporary Literature, and Feminist Teacher, and I am currently developing a book manuscript for a leading university press. As an active researcher and writer, I understand the struggles that students face, and I am eager to demystify the writing and revision processes for them. I have received numerous awards for excellence in teaching and am thrilled to be a part of IvyWrite to help others master the foundational skills that all strong academic writing requires and to cultivate greater confidence in their own capacity to communicate with an audience.

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